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June 7, 2019 Post by : Brigs Predictions
UFC 238 Main Card Prediction: Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Moraes


Cejudo vs Moraes is a fight with many different variables which makes it difficult to predict a likely outcome. The UFC Bantam weight title is on the line, and both fighters are extremely confident they will win. Moraes is the former World Series of Fighting Bantam weight king, an explosive striker with excellent jujitsu on a 4 fight winning streak. He has been steamrolling top Bantam weight competiton such as Aljamain Sterling, Jimmy Rivera, and Raphael Asuncao, finishing them all in the first round. Moraes has a lot of momentum coming into this fight, but Cejudo has looked amazing and is on an absolute tear after defeating two UFC all-time greats, Demetrious Johnson and TJ Dillashaw.

I don't see Moraes's momentum or explosiveness being enough to stop the Messenger from becoming the third fighter in UFC history to simultaneouly hold 2 championship belts. Cejudo is always underestimated and he proves the naysayers wrong every time, evident in Henry being the slight underdog in this fight even though he is the fighter with UFC gold around his waist. Moraes is extremely dangerous and can beat Cejudo in a split second with his vicious striking, but I think Cejudo is too tough and skilled at what he does to allow that to happen. There are levels in this sport and I think the Olympic gold medalist Cejudo is on a higher level than Moraes. Moraes has never dealt with the level of wrestling that Cejudo brings to the octagon. Cejudo has faced the tougher competition and has more experience in UFC championship fights as well which will further help him get the victory. Cejudo will dominate Moraes with his wrestling and control the fight. Cejudo has improved his striking too, and although it may not be as powerful as Moraes' the Brazilian should not underestimate Cejudo's striking that has continuously improved. Cejudo is faster than Moraes from his hands to his wrestling, he's clever, and has a very high fight IQ. He explained in an interview how he beat DJ and TJ by studying video and understanding the patterns of how they fight. He says he has done the same with Moraes and he knows what to expect and how to beat him. Cejudo wins by decision.

Cejudo, Dec win

Prediction: Jessica Eye, Dec win

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